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About us

About us

The company Edit d.o.o. was established in 1990. After 1995, we began specialising in the packaging materials industry. All these years we have been expanding our product range, and today we can offer our customers more than 700 products that are mostly in stock.

JUST IN TIME delivery

Our own 10.000 m2 storage area and our own logistics enable rapid delivery and supply to customers with packaging materials, while our permanent customers are provided with a reliable JUST-IN-TIME delivery service. Currently, we employ more than twenty workers.

We help our customers to make the packaging easier and to reduce costs

With our modern technological solutions, wide selection of packaging materials and individual counselling, we achieve optimal solutions which make your work easier and reduce the packaging costs.

Providing the best solutions

As one of the most specialised companies in the field of packaging materials in Slovenia, we offer a wide selection of modern technological products and with our knowledge and experience we help you to select the optimal packaging solutions.

As a specialised provider of packaging materials, we want to reinforce and increase our recognisability in Slovenia. We want to become recognisable for our modern technological products and our individual approach to our customers. We also want to launch our own production of packaging materials in order to expand our product range.