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Cardboard edge protectors

Cardboard edge protectors provide additional protection of the shipment during storage and transport. They are used for the protection of the edges, provide better stability and additionally tighten the goods.

Possibility of various types

Edge protectors are made of several layers and can be brown or white, the external layer can be resistant to water. Printing is possible on sides, the inner and the outer.

Symmetric and asymmetric section of the edge protector is possible (for example 70 x 40 mm).

Cardboard edge protectors can also be self-adhesive on the inner side.

Standard dimensions

Length (A) [mm] Width (B,C) [mm] Thickness (D) [mm]
100 – 6000 35 x 35 2/3/4/5
45 x 45 2/3/4/5
50 x 50 2/3/4/5
60 x 60 2/3/4/5
70 x 50 2/3/4/5
80 x 80 2/3/4/5


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