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Cardboard pallets

Cardboard pallets made of compressed fibre are lightweight and require less storage space, which makes them especially suitable for air and maritime transport. Pallets are mostly disposable and recyclable. They are resistant to pests and are suitable for export. With proper handling they are durable enough to be used as a substitute for standard EURO pallets.


  • lightweight,
  • environmentally friendly – completely recyclable,
  • by heat treatment, resistance to pests is ensured,
  • foldable – save 2/3 of the space compared to a EURO palette,
  • ideal for air and truck transport,
  • low cost – raw material is waste paper,
  • meets export standards – phytosanitary standards,
  • a special shape ensures good carrying capacity,
  • provides sufficient stiffness at high loads.


  • maximum surface load: dynamic 250 kg, static 300 kg,
  • material: 100% recycled paper,
  • Stacking height: approximately 18-20 pcs / 1 meter,
  • Thermal resistance: from −20°C to +80°C.

Rules for handling and use:

  • only surface load,
  • should not be moved / slid on the ground,
  • should not be used in external or humid environments,
  • are not intended for direct contact with foodstuffs,
  • use in rack systems with solid support,
  • not suitable for export in containers.

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