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Printed and coloured adhesive tapes

Printed and coloured adhesive tapes

Printed adhesive tapes

They represent an excellent advertisement for your company, because they provide unique appearance of your packing and increase the perception of your trademark or the name of your company. Beside advertising purposes they also protect your goods. As your adhesive tape is unique, your package cannot be opened during the transport or storage, without being noticed. The adhesive tape can be printed on your request, for example with logo, title of the company, instructions, codes or warnings (for example – fragile).

The imprint can be made on a PVC film or on a BOPP film, wherein the PVC film is less stretchable; therefore the PVC adhesive tape is more attractive.

  • Holder: PVC or BOPP
  • Glue: natural rubber
  • Basic colour: normally brown, white or transparent, or any other colour on demand of the customer.
  • Print: up to 5 colours

Coloured self-adhesive tapes

Coloured self-adhesive tapes can be helpful at labelling different series in the warehouse, production process, etc.

  • Holder: BOPP
  • Glue: natural rubber
  • Basic colour: yellow, orange, red, green, light blue, dark blue, black

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