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Ripack thermoshrink guns

Flexible power and time saving

The new RIPACK® 3000 series gun can shrink and pack a EURO pallet one meter high with its own heating capacity, adjustable from 45 to 76 kW, in less than one minute.

Maximum protection

Its design ensures complete safety to people and goods, as it prevents any gas leakage or any kind of burns due to the direct contact with a flame or return flame. The stainless steel burner nozzle remains cold even during intensive use (Patent Ripack®). The design of the aluminium casing prevents the obstruction of any kind of air intake, while the SECURIPACK pressure controller has a dual safety function.

Overall ergonomics

Two-layer handle, simple trigger operation, perfect balance having only 1,220 grams,
a 360° rotating nozzle, rotating gas connector and hanging ring allow intensive use without restriction. The ergonomics are perfect and apply also to current maintenance, the intention of which is to keep the use of the gun to a minimum. Replacement of the ignitor is possible without tools in less than a minute, even with the ignition switched on.

Optimum reliability

The general quality of manufacture and choice of materials ensure extended durability of use under optimal safety conditions. Components sensitive to shock, heating or tearing are systematically protected.

Versatility and flexibility

The RIPACK® 3000 Series for shrinking large film surfaces offers 5 extensions in length from 0.5 to 2 metres (typically for the RIPACK® 2200) adjustable with one-click.

The movable armrest ensures greater comfort during the use with the extension.

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