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Textile and composite tape

Textile and composite tape

The Edit Company offers a great range of textile and composite tapes, which are one of the strongest binding tapes. Textile tapes are extremely soft and completely adjusted to the shape of the product, which is to be bound. In this way we provide excellent stability of the product, regardless its shape, dimensions etc. These tapes also represent a great solution for binding products with sharp edges. Tensile strength of the tapes is up to 3,000 kg.

Textile and composite tapes represent an alternative to the stainless steel tapes as they have the following advantages:

  • they are cheaper than stainless steel tapes by the metre,
  • they are lighter,
  • they don’t corrode,
  • handling is safer,
  • they achieve very high tensile strength,
  • less damaged products.

Dimensions and qualities of the tapes

Width: 13, 16, 19, 25 mm

UV resistance: high

For easier manipulation of the tapes, uncoilers on wheels are recommended, which prevent the tape from getting loose and have a handy deposit tray on top. It is suitable for the reels’ inner diameters of 200, 280 and 406 mm.

When using binding tapes plastic corner protectors are frequently used. They distribute the force to a larger area and thus prevent that the tape might cause damage to the product at the edges.


  • 30mm – packed by 2,000 pieces
  • 50mm – packed by 500 pieces

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