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Web page www.edit.si for full activity use cookies. They are making possible for us, that we can ensure activity of all functions of website, we transform certain contents especially for you and we are improving web site with the analysis of visit.


there are small files, that our web site sends to your computer and they are stored away in it. Cookies are stored away in file directory of web browser. Browser reads cookie next to next visit of web site and it forwards web site information. If we would like to find  more about  technology of cookies, visit suitable web site like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie, or www.aboutcookies.org.

Intention and kinds of cookies

We are using cookies therefore, that we can offer you pleasanter user experience at visit of web site and for an own analysis.

Obligatory cookies

cookies, that take only for time of your visit on web page and that remember your activities in time of visit, belong amongobligatory cookies. Additional obligatory cookies are also these, that are saving up your settings for permissions of cookies.

Form for demand

We use your data, that you forward them at use of form for demand (name and surname, company, tax number, electronic mail, atelephone) only for this, that we forward you answer.

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