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Stretch films for wrapping pallets

Do you want to provide additional stability of your goods during transport and make a good protection from dirt?

Stretch wrapping films are used for wrapping products (especially on the pallets) wherein:

  • we achieve excellent stability of the goods and
  • we make extra protection from dirt during transport and storage.

Fields of use

Stretch wrapping films represent excellent solution for all industry sectors where we want to additionally improve the firmness of the goods by stretching.

Types of stretch wrapping films

The Edit company offers a range of stretch films of different thickness and width. Below we list some basic information by main types of films.The Edit company offers a range of stretch films of different thickness and width. Below we list some basic information by main types of films.

Machine stretch films

Machine stretch film is used in stretch wrapping machine. The Edit Company always stocks different types of these films of different thickness (from 8 to 30 microns) and of different expansion. The expansion is of great importance in machine stretch films, because the consumption of the film on the wrapped pallet and also the quality of the wrapped pallet depend on it. Certain types can stretch even up to 300%. The films can be pre-stretched in the production process. The rolls are deliverable in different colours, with anti-UV, slip and antistatic additives. Normally they are wound on a reel of a 76mm diameter.

Manual stretch films

Manual stretch films are normally deliverable in the thickness of 15, 17, 20 or 23 microns, in a roll heavy 3 or 5 kg or wound according to customer’s wishes. Standard roll width is 50 cm. Manual stretch films are normally used when the consumption is small to moderate or in companies that don’t want to or can’t invest into stretch wrapping machines. Manual stretch films can also be pre-stretched, which means that they are already stretched to maximum in the production process, therefore when used they don’t need to be stretched any more. They are considerably thinner than standard types with larger winding on the roll. For easier use we recommend the use of different uncoilers or special metal bindings.

Mini stretch films and cut films

They represent an excellent solution for binding small packages, long profiles or very low pallets. Mini stretch films are deliverable in the width of 70, 100, 125 or 250 mm and are used with a manual uncoiler. The standard winding of mini films is 150 metres, but it can be optionally longer according to the order of the customer. The inner diameter is normally 38 mm. According to standards mini stretch film is deliverable in transparent and black colour.

Pre-stretch films

Pre-stretch films are considerably thinner than standard films, because they are stretched during the production process. The advantages of these films are:

  • because of 2 to 3 times smaller thickness the consumption of the film on the pallet can be up to 50 % smaller, meaning cost effective packaging and also considerably less waste packaging,
  • the films are deliverable with or without reels,
  • the film has strengthened edges and an excellent adhesive power,
  • during the process of packaging additional stretching isn’t necessary, which makes the completion of the work easier and quicker,
  • the rolls are very light and the forces are smaller, which makes the work easier,
  • machine films can be used in the majority of standard wrapping machines.

Perforated stretch films

Stretch films with pores represent an excellent solution for all products that require free air circulation. The films are available for manual and machine use. Advantages:

  • free circulation of the air,
  • enables palletisation of hot products because of the vaporization of moisture and heat,
  • prevents condensation, corrosion and the growth of mould,
  • enables faster cooling down/ freezing of goods,
  • enables quick drying of goods,
  • makes the production cycle shorter.

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