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Films for the surface protection of your products

Films for the surface protection of your products

We offer self-adhesive films for excellent surface protection of your products. The main advantage of our films is that they don’t leave any marks on the product after removing, and that they are adjusted to the individual type of material.

Fields of use

Films are excellent solutions for the surface protection from:

  • scratches,
  • notches and
  • surface damages.

The product isn’t meant to protect products from damages caused by falling.

The film can be applied on the following materials:

  • plastic,
  • aluminium,
  • wood,
  • glass,
  • metals,
  • marble.


The colour of the film can be:

  • transparent,
  • coloured or
  • printed.

Mode of application

The film is applied:

  • manually or
  • in (semi)automatic machines.

Possible width: from 75 to 2,000 mm.

Possible thickness: from 25 to 140 my.

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