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Special adhesive tapes

Special adhesive tapes are: double-sided adhesive tapes, adhesive tapes with filaments or reinforcements and marking adhesive tapes.

Double-sided adhesive tapes

They are meant to permanently stick different types of material (paper, cardboard, light metals, rubber). It is distinguished for excellent adhesive power, resistance to moisture and water.

  • Holder: BOPP film
  • Glue: synthetic rubber
  • Width in mm: 9, 12, 15, 19, 25, 50
  • Length in m: 33

Adhesive tapes with filaments

Their total thickness is 120 microns. They contain glass fibres, which enable great power, therefore it is practically impossible to tear them, and the adhesive power of the tape is very strong. It is meant to be used for closing very heavy cardboard boxes. Standard dimensions are 50mm x 50m.

Marking adhesive tapes

They are suitable for marking lines, dangerous zones, and obstacles. They are extremely durable, self-extinguishing and resistant to abrasion and moisture.

  • Holder: PVC
  • Glue: natural rubber
  • Width in mm: 50
  • Length in m: 33
  • Colours: red/white or yellow/black

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