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Series HA – automatic, manual applicators

Series HA – automatic, manual applicators

Automatic, manual applicators can put handles on shrink films packages, cardboard boxes, paper scrolls or on any other rigid package. Series HA can put different types of handles, which can be stuck on clear adhesive tape and made of:

  • carved cardboard label,
  • previously-coloured adhesive tape on the reel,
  • paper and polypropylene handle on the reel.

There are 4 models of different speeds available at the moment. The capacities reach from 25, 40, 60 up to 80 packages per minute (PPM) – according to the dimensions of the package. All HA models are equipped with the setting that enables the packages line up in one or two rows.

Available models

  • HA 25
  • HA 40
  • HA 60
  • HA 80

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