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Inflatable bags

Professional cargo protection at low prices.

It rarely happens that cargo is suitably arranged and packed for transport. There are several reasons why there are gaps and empty spaces, such as:

  • the cargo size is not equal to the size of the pallet,
  • packages / cardboard are not optimally adapted to the dimensions of the pallet,
  • the cargo is in bags or even without a pallet.

Such gaps can be closed effectively, quickly and cost-effectively with our inflatable bags. Pallets and cargo can then no longer move, while the damage that could occur when moving the cargo can be safely prevented. The use of storage bags is a professional alternative to time consuming and expensive fixing of wooden structures. We can also meet special requirements for larger orders. We have various types of storage bags, which are described in detail below.

Bags made from a polypropylene fabric – PP woven bags

The bags are double-layered (the outer layer is PP, the inner layer is PE). The inner or outer layer may be of different strengths. For heavier loads, it is wise to choose a stronger outer layer.
For the most common applications, a standard bag (working pressure of 0.2 bar) is sufficient. Polypropylene bags are resistant to moisture, and are therefore highly recommended when used in marine containers (where climatic fluctuations occur during transport). PP fabric is resistant to the effects of many chemical, such as acids or solvents. In addition to standard sizes 60 × 90 – 120 × 240 cm, we also produce special dimensions.

Bags made of natron (kraft) paper

These are also double-layered bags (the outer layer is made of solid paper and the inner one of PE). The standard bag sizes are from 60 × 90 to 120 × 250 cm. The thickness is achieved by the number of kraft paper layers. There are 1, 2 and 4-layer bags. Size and strength depend on the weight of the cargo and the scope of use.

Inflating guns

The bags have a quick flow valve – a very short inflation time, a time saving of up to 50% when inflating. There are compressed air guns (faster) and electric guns (more convenient).

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