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You produce products that are sensitive to moisture or heat and you need a suitable film for optimal protection of your goods? Stretch-hood is an elastic stretchable sleeve, representing great solution for excellent protection of the goods during the automatic covering of the pallets, not requiring any heat treatment of the film. Stretch-hood is highly elastic material, which is mechanically stretched in the first stage, however in the second stage; it is applied to the material which we want to protect, wherein the hood contracts to its initial size perfectly matching the shape of the protected product. In this way it protects and stabilizes the pallet.

The advantages of stretch hood over other materials:

  • low costs per pallet: compared to standard technologies stretch hood doesn’t require any hot air supply to contract the film, therefore it is simpler to use and provides significant energy savings,
  • adjustable to all types and shapes of products,
  • protection: stretch hood provides major stability and excellent protection of packed goods.

Technical data

  • Thickness: from 70 to 200 my
  • Print: up to 6 colours
  • UV protection: 6 or 12 months (on demand)
  • Macro perforation: 6mm (on demand)

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