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Polyethylene foam edge protectors

The Edit Company offers you high quality packing profiles, which are made of closed-cell polyethylene foam. These profiles are available in different shapes, therefore they can be used for different purposes at product packaging and protection. With their use your will get excellent protection during transport and storage, because they provide extreme shock absorption.

Advantages of polyethylene foam products:

  • low weight
  • high elasticity
  • impermeability to water
  • thermal permanence
  • easy handling and installation
  • odourless
  • environmentally friendly

L profiles

Name of productDimension [mm]Density [kg/m3]Packing [m/box]Packing typeColour
L5048-525-7200030400box(2050 x 417 x 582)blue

U profiles

Name of productDimension [mm]Density [kg/m3]Packing [m/box]Packing typeColour
U 5-1514-186-80-629-33200030500box(2050 x 417 x 582)blue
U 15-2522-2610-127-1333-37280
U 25-3533-3710-1216-2438-42180
U 35-4539-4310-1420-3046-50160
U 45-6055-5912-1625-3552-56100
U 60-8069-7313-1740-5063-6780
U 80-10090-9416-2050-7068-7264
U 100-120110-11516-2070-9073-7850
U 120-140130-13517-2290-11080-85 
U 28-50 / 10028-3213-160-595-10580
U 40-62 / 12040-4618-220-5120-13050
U 72-12070-8014-1810-50120-13040

Profiles for glass

Name of productDimension[mm]Density[kg/m3]Packing [m/package]Packing typeColour
U 33/26-6 DS3032-3425-2711-135,5-7,5200030460 m/boxbox
(2050 x 417 x 582)
U 33/26-6 DS4545
U 33/26-6 DS3050030500 m/reelreel
(1200 x 1200)
U 33/26-6 DS6060
U 33/26-13 DS4514-1612-14200045460 m/boxbox
(2050 x 417 x 582)
U 40/32 DS3040327-99-1130300 m/box
Fresato 60×50 R3558-6248-5224-26 3550 pcs/bagbag
(1400 x 2500 x 0,050)
Fresato 60×50 R2039-413550 pcs/bagbag
(1400 x 2500 x 0,050)

G profiles

Name of productDimension[mm]Density[kg/m3]Packing[m/box]Packing typeColour
G profile37-4013-1754-6072-781960-204030120box (2050 x 417 x 582)blue

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