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Adhesive tapes

Sticking with adhesive tapes is the most common method of closing cardboard boxes. We offer you an adhesive tape for every application, for the industrial as well for manual sticking. We offer various adhesive tapes of different glue, width, length and thickness. To take the right decision for an adhesive tape you have to be familiar with its application, the quality of the box and the temperature at which the goods will be stored. Beside a wide range of standard packaging adhesive tapes, you can also find printed, coloured and warning adhesive tapes, protective and technical adhesive tapes, such as adhesive tapes with filament and double-sided adhesive tapes.
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Papirni lepilni trakovi

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Packaging adhesive tapes

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Printed and coloured adhesive tapes

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Masking adhesive tapes

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Special adhesive tapes

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